Vizio switching issues with Logitech Harmony remote

I purchased a refurbished Logitech Harmony 670 a few months back, and tried to set it up. I had serious issues getting it to work properly when switching inputs on my Vizio SV470XVT1A LCD TV. It would often land on the wrong input. The way the Vizio handles input switching is rather annoying in that it doesn't have a discrete button for each input. It has a button for each input type, and cycles through them. Alternatively, it has an input button that cycles through all inputs. I did a lot of Googling, without luck. I eventually gave up on it.

Night Photography

I went out for some more astrophotgraphy tonight. This time I decided to try my hand at a little wide-angle long-exposure images. It took me a while, but I was finally able to dial in the focus pretty well. It's amazing how easy it is to spot Orion in the shorter exposure compared to the longer exposure. I also just realized I've been shooting at ISO 200.

Nikon D40
Shutter: 20 secs
Aperture: f/4.0
Focal Length: 18mm

Nikon D40
Shutter: 30 secs
Aperture: f/4.0

Moon photography

I've been meaning to get around to trying some astrophotography with my Nikon D40 SLR camera. I recently got a Gorillapod SLR mount, and tonight was a nice clear night with a full moon. After only a few minutes outside I was able to get the following picture (cropped). It's not bad for the first time out.

Nikon D40
Shutter: 1/800
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 200mm

Drupal WebPurify Module

Through my employer, ChapterThree, I've released a WebPurify module for Drupal. At the moment it only allows filtering of comments, but it exposes an API for other developers to extend. Due to the project requirements it's a D5 module. If anyone has some free time, submit a patch for D6.

Run C code in a web browser?

I think I might have just passed out for a second or two. I love the C programming language, and I rather hate most browser-side scripting languages. Can this article be true? Did I dream it up from a lack of oxygen? I may have to stop making dirty comments about flash "programming".

Sales Guy vs. Web Dude

This has got to be THE best tech support humor out there. The guys over in #sv2600 on pointed me to it.


Now that I've officially started my first week at my new job, I figure it's time that I make a post about it. As many of you may know, I've been picked up as Lead Engineer at Chapter Three LLC. You can eve find a stylish picture of me on the about us page. So Suave.

The site is largely marketing speak at the moment, I know. What we really do is Drupal development. If you need a custom site that can cook you breakfast, we can just about do it.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Before I saw this movie, I read a few reviews. Some people were rather down on it. Others were happy with it, but noted that it was formulaic. After seeing it, I can agree with the second review. It IS formulaic, and it was the right thing to do! If they had tried to take things in a new direction, it would have ruined the experience that we were looking for. Instead, we got old school Indiana Jones all over again. It was awesome.

Iron Man

This has got to be one of the best movies I've seen in a while. In most movies, I find technical flaws. This one didn't seem to have any. At least, non that I saw. I might be SLIGHTLY biased by the fact the Iron Man was my favorite comic book as a kid. However, even my wife liked it.



I'm done! I have finally finished by BS in Computer Science. I have, with the help of my beautiful wife, put myself through college.

Ok, well, "done" might be slightly exaggerated. I did walk in the ceremony. My "final" grades aren't finalized yet, but they look good. I do have an non-passing grade in the most annoying GE class ever. Hmm, I may still have to go back for those last few measly units.

Whatever... I'm DONE.

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